Liposuction, or removal of fat with the use of a suction device, can be a very powerful cosmetic procedure. Diet and exercise are important ways to modify our appearance but sometimes we have “problem areas” that will not resolve without assistance. Many people have a stubborn area that just won’t go away despite lifestyle modifications. Liposuction is a good solution for that zone. Liposuction is common for abdomen, hips, thighs, flanks, knees and under the chin. Consideration must be given to the quality of the overlying skin in the area being treated as traditional liposuction will not address this. The procedure will not serve as a weight loss substitute but it can improve your body contour.

Liposuction patients can expect mild to moderate pain and bruising/swelling in the post-operative period. This varies from patient to patient. Post-operatively you will be fitted for a compression garment which will be worn for approximately three weeks after the procedure. You will begin the process with a private consultation with Dr. Pflueger. Together you will discuss your cosmetic goals and decide what areas to target.

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